Future Flight Crew

The sky is not our limit, it’s our goal

Thanks to the incredible support of the ECHO community, we are able to provide a sensational experience that will help guide you down the path to starting your career in flight. Not only will selected members receive some amazing education through ECHO, but we will also help you stand out from the rest of the candidates when you apply for that flight job. This is a competitive program that has produced results. In the last year, we have celebrated several Future Flight Crew members who have earned their spot with some incredible flight programs. We have also seen FFC members who have taken steps towards their dream by earning advanced certifications, completing additional education, or making positive career changes that will make them a more attractive candidate for top programs. The Future Flight Crew program is all about giving you the tools to achieve your dream. So if you are ready to put in the work and are serious about earning your wings, submit an application and give us the opportunity to help you succeed.

Crews from Erlanger LIFE FORCE facilitating scenarios for two FFC members utilizing their high fidelity simulation center in Chattanooga.

Crews from Erlanger LIFE FORCE facilitating scenarios for two FFC members utilizing their high fidelity simulation center in Chattanooga.

…by flight crews

The Future Flight Crew program will get you engaged with several active members of different air medical transport programs. These individuals are located all around the United States and help provide us with a well-rounded perspective of the transport industry from a national level. Simply put, our team will provide you with the best opportunity to be educated and trained by flight crews. These are not instructors who get paid per student who joins the program. This isn’t the instructor who is just going to tell you war stories to pad their ego. Our team is comprised of flight crews who volunteer time to help you. Why? They have been in your shoes wishing someone would lend them a hand. They understand the value of appropriate guidance and mentorship.

Our team will help evaluate your previous experience and maximize the return on future experience that you will gain as you establish new goals. We will work together to map out your path to success. We understand that each path is unique to each person. Your hard work will make you a stand out in a crowd of candidates.


We will have a 36 week program structured to provide you with the tools you need to be successful. Now, you just have to put in the work. There will be scenario based evaluations, individual assignments, group assignments, and assignments that will require timely completion.

Our educational presentations will expose you to developing trends and evidenced based medicine that are important as a potential critical care transport provider. This will not be the usual monthly inservice style presentation reviewing the pharmacokinetics of beta-blockers. Our goal will be to provide everyone with a solid foundation for success as you pursue your career in aviation and face the challenges of a rigorous flight orientation. And these sessions aren't instructed by just anyone. How about if you learned about ECMO from the ECMO Coordinator at one of the top tertiary programs in the country? Or had the chance to break down acid-base disturbances with one of the select few acute care nurse practitioners flying in the United States? Believe me, we have crews that are currently flying asking us to attend this training that we are designing just for the Future Flight Crew.

While most other programs would probably stop there, we push beyond the clinical side. Our team will focus time on the topics that you can’t pick up in a text book. From figuring out which program is a good fit for you, attitude, safety, and communication, we will seek to discuss the challenging and uncomfortable topics that will ultimately help you stand out. And what if you had the opportunity to sit down and practice your interview with the flight paramedics and flight nurses who help design or participate in the interview panels for their transport programs? Or what if there was the opportunity to participate in the panel discussion with some of the program managers to ask them questions and pick their brains to discover what they can offer you as you start your career. By the completion of our program, you will have received countless hours of instruction, guidance, and feedback all designed to help you earn your wings.


ECHO SPRING 2020 conference


Future flight crew FALL 2020 weekend workshop

After rave reviews this year, ECHO will be putting together another event dedicated solely to the Future Flight Crew program. We are incredibly excited to offer a three day event targeting some of the most valuable components of our training. At a date and location to be announced soon, we will have the Future Flight Crew Weekend Workshop. No computer-based distance training for this weekend. Sit down face to face with the mentors and instructors to discuss your progress in the program. Participate in team-building exercises to help strengthen your communication skills. We will provide hands-on training to help build the foundation for the advanced critical care concepts that you'll need to know as you begin pursuing your career in flight. 

And of course, as a selected member of the Future Flight Crew, you will gain access to the ECHO Spring 2020 Conference. This date and location will also be released very soon. We will have time dedicated to the Future Flight Crew with workshops designed specifically to further prepare you to achieve your dream of flying. Before the main conference, you will have the opportunity to engage educators and leaders from around the country. You will have the opportunity to sit and listen to some of the best speakers in the world present some incredible lectures regarding public service aviation and critical care transport.

Our expectation is that applicants be able to attend both events to help maximize your return on the hard work you are putting into accelerating your career.