Dan Rauh, UC Air Care, providing a presentation for the Future Flight Crew in Chattanooga, TN.

Dan Rauh, UC Air Care, providing a presentation for the Future Flight Crew in Chattanooga, TN.

Future Flight Crew - Opportunity for Mentors

Since 2016, ECHO has proudly supported flight crews who want to give back to the next generation. The Future Flight Crew Program is a competitive 24 week program that offers assistance to well-qualified applicants who are interested in working in public service aviation. As we have continued to build momentum, the Future Flight Crew Program is looking to welcome flight crew members to assist with shaping the future of public service aviation. Our hope is to offer current flight crew members the opportunity to engage motivated, driven individuals who are interested in earning their wings. This isn’t about having a soapbox to stand on and discuss frustrations that get your blood pressure up. Rather, this provides motivated flight crews the ability to get involved with candidates that are eager to learn. What better way to help shape the future of the air medical industry? Help develop content for presentations, give the group feedback on projects, critique their resume, provide advice on career advancement, or invite an FFC member to your base to learn a little about your program. This is a great opportunity to step outside your local area and have a huge impact!!

Our current FFC team is comprised of ECHO members from some of the top programs in the country. These volunteers have helped to propel the program to the next level. From advice on resume writing to mechanical ventilation labs, our instructors have lots of opportunities to assist with professional development and education for the next generation of flight crews.

Here are some of the opportunities to get involved:

  • Event Planning/Development

  • Clinical Education

  • Assignment Feedback

  • Content Development

  • Fly-Along Experiences

If you have any interest in assisting with ECHO’s Future Flight Crew, please submit your application below. We will be in contact shortly to discuss your application. Thank you for your interest in assisting with building the next generation of flight crews.


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This will be the current FFC's first conference.
ECHO's Critical Care Conference will be in West Virginia. FFC mentors will be able to assist with preconference education for FFC.