My Birthday Wish!

alison bday.jpg

Hello Friends!

My name is Alison and I am a Flight Nurse at Penn State Life Lion! I have some super amazing friends that are involved with the ECHO F.A.S.T team (a little more about that below). Since it is my BIRTH MONTH – yes I love Birthday’s and I like to celebrate all month – I would like to DONATE MY BIRTHDAY! 

Would you please consider donating in honor of my birthday? $5 (or as much as your heart desires and your bank account will allow) and 5 minutes of your time would mean so much to me and those that this will benefit!

ECHO’s F.A.S.T Team (Flight Crew Assistance Support Team) My definition: these are extremely talented, caring, passionate individuals and I am blessed to call a few of them my friends. 

Tragedies happen in my line of work, not often, but when they do ECHO F.A.S.T will immediately deploy if requested. The ECHO F.A.S.T goal is to help flight crews, their families and co-workers move forward from the incident. My ECHO F.A.S.T friends are flight crew like me, and they truly care. They understand the culture of the aviation community. They facilitate debriefings, simply listen, organize meals, or even mow lawns. They make themselves available 24/7, 365 and they are just one phone call away. 

The money that is raised will be used specifically for helping the FAST team on its mission. 

Please consider giving your coffee money this week in honor of my Birthday! Thank you all so much!



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