2018 Future Flight Crew

ECHO is proud to continue to offer motivated individuals the most unique professional development available for those interested in a career in public service aviation. Thanks to the vast reaches of our community, ECHO is able to provide a sensational experience that will help you stand out from the rest.

This is a competitive program that has produced results. In the last year, we have seen several FFC members earn their spot with some incredible flight programs. We have also celebrated FFC members who have taken steps to improve their chances by earning advanced certifications or making career changes.  If you are serious about earning your wings, submit an application and give us the opportunity to help you succeed.


Goal-driven mentorship

Having a mentor will go a long way in your journey to achieve success. The Future Flight Crew program will establish you with a mentor who is an active member of an air medical transport program. We have mentors from all around the United States who provide us with unique perspectives regarding the transport industry on a national level. 

Our mentors will help evaluate your past experience and maximize the return you will gain as you achieve future goals. We will work together as a team to map out your path to success. Your hard work will make you a well-rounded candidate that is highly sought after in the air medical industry. 

As you progress through the FFC, it is our hope that you will take the opportunity to visit your mentor's (or another mentor's) program for a ride along. This will give you a first-hand experience of the specific daily operations and mission profile of a program, and it will often help you find what components of a program matter the most when finding you the right fit.

Focused efforts

The ECHO community has provided us with an abundance of resources. We have researched common strengths and deficiencies of the application, interview, and orientation processes from the perspective of both the applicant and the program's hiring committee. This research has helped highlight specific areas to dedicate our energy when working with the FFC members. While we won't tell you the answers to the test or give you buzz words that human resources managers love to hear, we will provide you with individual and team based projects that will give you everything you need to succeed. Our outline for the next few months will cover everything from an introduction to advanced critical care concepts, refreshing that same old resume that you've submitted for the last five jobs, and best practice techniques for panel interview sessions.



FFC Summer orientation durham, nc


ECHO Annual conference CHATTANOOGA, tn

For the first time, ECHO will be putting together an event dedicated solely to the Future Flight Crew program. We are incredibly excited to offer a three day event targeting the most impactful components of our training. We will have the FFC Summer Orientation in Durham, NC hosted by Duke Life Flight. No computer-based distance training for this weekend. Sit down face to face with the mentors of the FFC and discuss your progress in the program so far. Participate in team-building exercises to help strengthen your communication skills. And from the medical side, we will provide hands-on training for  the advanced critical care concepts that you'll need to know as you begin pursuing your career in flight. 

And of course, as a selected member of the Future Flight Crew, you will gain access to the ECHO Annual Conference in Chattanooga hosted by Erlanger LIFEFORCE. We will have a day dedicated to the FFC with workshops designed specifically to further prepare you to achieve your dream of flying. While there will be a little bit of legwork required of the group, you will have the opportunity to sit and listen to some of the best speakers in the world present some incredible lectures regarding public service aviation and critical care transport.

Our expectation is that applicants be able to attend both events to help maximize your return on the hard work you are putting into accelerating your career.