ECHO Law Enforcement & S.A.R.


“Backing the blue”

ECHO is committed to providing free to low cost training to law enforcement aviation and search & rescue crews all over the world. At ECHO’s LE Tactical Flight Crew (TFC) Academy, we strive to provide unique courses led by active LE flight crew members. We hold to the mission of ECHO by being “For Flight Crews by Flight Crews.”

Partnering with law enforcement agencies, working closely with vendors, and focusing on the crew as a whole is the key to the success of TFC. Rather your mission is solely law enforcement, LE & EMS, or LE & Search & Rescue, TFC is here for you.

TFO or Pilot.. you will find the Tactical Flight Crew Academies to be invaluable to your agency and missions. TFC is designed for the TFO & Pilot because we are a “crew” and know it takes both jobs to complete a mission. Each TFC, ECHO staff works to present new topics and encourage round-table discussions. It is our view that the best way to learn is to learn from each other.

The best part of TFC is we collectively work together to improve the safety, capabilities, and daily missions of our flight crews while staying current with new technology and techniques.

Attending an ECHO TFC will not leave you disappointed! Each day, we make sure you are well fed and don’t go away hungry. By the end of the week, you will have networked with crews from one coast to the other.

We know vendors are important to our mission. Therefore, ECHO partners with our industry to provide attendees with a vendor show where you get face-to-face with the representatives of equipment manufactures, OEMs, and unique services.

TFC is ever changing. Stay tuned to upcoming conferences and new additions to ECHO LE & SAR.

The ECHO LE staff is here to help you! Do not hesitate to reach out.

Jason Sams