ECHO Future Flight Crew

 The 2018 Future Flight Crew during a helipad visit at the Summer Orientation hosted by Duke Life Flight in Durham, North Carolina.

The 2018 Future Flight Crew during a helipad visit at the Summer Orientation hosted by Duke Life Flight in Durham, North Carolina.


Helping the next generation earn their wings

Too often, we have heard the stories of well qualified candidates who were unsuccessful at applying for a position with an air medical transport program. Rather than sit around and talk about how we wish that wouldn't happen, we decided to roll up our sleeves and be the change that the industry needs. Since then, we have been working on designing and improving a unique program that offers something no one else does. Using the passion that we share for a job we love, Future Flight Crew was born.

We remember what it was like to be that person on the outside looking in. We remember what it was like to feel our heart racing every time we saw a helicopter land on our scene or at our emergency room.

Since the inception of Future Flight Crew, we have celebrated several members earning a spot with a flight program. But we've also recognized the meaningful victories of other members who are putting one foot in front of the other and continue to progress towards their goal. Whether it's earning their advanced certification or moving across the country to start a new job that will make them a better candidate for their flagship flight program, we all celebrate every victory of our FFC members. Because when they win, we all win.


History of the program

In 2016, the Future Flight Crew (FFC) was started as a way for ECHO to help provide guidance to the next generation of flight crews. The FFC offers selected applicants the tools they need and the confidence to earn their spot with a flight program. 

Boston was the site of ECHO's Critical Care Conference in March 2017. The FFC members who attended participated in a pre-conference workshop, attended crew resource management training, and listened to several speakers present on  emerging trends in emergency and critical care medicine. They were also given the opportunity to sit down with some of the best in the industry to ask pertinent questions regarding several top programs in the country. Boston MedFlight, DHART, AirMethods, and Duke Life Flight were all represented during this panel discussion.

It was the greatest experience I have had in my career so far and I learned so much that I can use in the future.
— Jason Robinson (ECHO Future Flight Crew Boston)

For our October 2017 Annual Conference in Philadelphia, we opened up ten spots for motivated individuals to join us. These individuals had the opportunity to learn from selected ECHO members about what it takes to get into public service aviation. Presentations were supplemented with mock interviews, best practice tips for working in high fidelity simulation labs, and table top discussions with some inspiring leaders.

As ECHO continues through 2018, the Future Flight Crew program has been picking up momentum. We have welcomed our largest group to date with twenty four individuals that are currently enrolled in the program. We also extended the curriculum to twenty four weeks to allow for a more thorough approach. This included a three day workshop dedicated solely to the Future Flight Crew. Duke Life Flight hosted the event from June 1st-3rd in Durham, North Carolina. The first day was dedicated to talks about air medical programs, safety, and high fidelity simulation. The second day included presentations about critical care transport and featured special guest speakers who discussed ECMO transport, neurological emergencies, and mechanical ventilation strategies. The final day of the weekend tackled best practices for resume writing, applying for a flight position, and mock interviews. As we near the completion of this group's program, the feedback from it's members has been inspiring.

“I have been longing for the ability to have someone provide me with guidance on becoming a flight medic, not telling me to wait or I don’t have enough experience, etc., and I found not only that someone but a group of mentors that want me to succeed. This fact motivates me beyond belief and the opportunity to take this journey with mentors and fellow providers is something that I will treasure for time to come. This organization has quality throughout and it was showcased by the quality of the attendees, mentors, and presenters.”
— Jason Stopper (2018 Future Flight Crew)

Our current group is set to complete their training in September after spending the weekend at ECHO's Annual Conference hosted by Erlanger LIFE FORCE. They will attend workshops specifically designed to help provide them with the knowledge and training to earn their first flight job. They will also get to attend the Annual Conference and hear incredible presentations from some of the best in the field.

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