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The FAST Team is currently seeking qualified applicants for both deployable & logistical members of the team.  The FAST Team is the only peer support team that is specifically designed for ALL public safety aviation.  The members of the FAST team are all members of a public safety / military aviation (fixed or rotor-wing) flight crew.  Members are expected to be available for deployment to critical incidents on a rotating / on call basis.

Deployment costs are covered through E.C.H.O.. 

This position is open to qualified (fixed & rotor-wing) candidates in:

Law Enforcement- Tactical Flight Officers, Observers, Pilots, Mechanics, Commanders, Communications Specialists

HEMS- Flight Nurses, Flight Paramedics, Medical Directors, Managers, Pilots, Mechanics, Communications Specialists

Search & Rescue Aviation- Crew Chiefs, Pilots, Unit Managers/Commanders, Rescue Technicians, Mechanics, Comm Specs.

Military Aviation- All positions in aviation MOS

Firefighting- Pilots, Unit Managers / Commanders, Jumpers, General Aircrew, Communications Specialists


Before applying please be sure to discuss this commitment with family, friends, co-workers, and your agency.  The FAST team is an active deployable team, and requires very specific personalities / individuals. 

  • Must be a current or former (minimum 5 years) member of a public safety aviation flight crew

  • Be willing to deploy for a minimum 48 / maximum 72 hour deployment with only 12 hour notice (on a rotating basis)

  • Second training academy TBD soon

  • Must attend yearly continuing education for the team

  • Be available to be "On Call" for AIR-FAST phone calls & messages (on a rotating basis)

Please fill out the below application to submit an application to be considered for the ECHO FAST Team (Flight crew Assistance & Support Team).  

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